Alright everyone, We've put together most of the photos that I took during the 2006 Dewey Balfa Cajun & Creole week in late April. The event was held at Chicot St. Park near Ville Platte, LA I traveled with former Noisy Galore. bandmate Randy Cordle and friend Lee Roberts (also from the Champaign area) was at camp as well. Many of you were there, others were not. All in all, we had terrific, uplifting week full of many great moments and many late nights playing music. If you want the full-resolution images for any of these, please let me know. Also, please feel free to forward this to anyone who might be interested. I don't have email addresses for many of the people I met this year at camp. T'Granger, please forward to all Seattle area folks who were in attendance
Enjoyl Rob krumm

Here's another batch of Balfa Week 2006 photos for your website. Hope you like 'em! See you at the Tuesday jams.

Ann Claire

photosann photosandrea Here's a link to photos I took over the last week at Balfa camp, and in the 9th Ward in New Orleans, which we visited after Jazz For very different reasons, in both cases, words and photos cannot possibly describe the experience...
  ..from Andrea Rubenstein.