My fellow music aficionados,

Bois Sec Ardoin turns 90 on Wednesday, November 16th. There will be a huge birthday party for him on Saturday, November 19th at St. Mathilda’s Catholic Church, 800 East Laurel Avenue, in Eunice, Louisiana. Mass is at 11:00, and the party begins with a jam at 3:00. Bois Sec and the late Canray Fontenot introduced traditional Creole music to folks all around the world, playing at Carnegie Hall and other honors. I loved the way Canray talked about Carnegie Hall, “Can you imagine dat? Car-ne-geeee Hall!” Mr. Fontenot will be with us Saturday in Spirit, I am sure. Mr. Bois Sec doesn’t get out much to play his accordion in public anymore, so this may be the opportunity of a lifetime to catch him. I hope he plays a tune or two.