Got Joy?

  Got Joy

Today was Mellow Joy Boys Sunday brunch at The Mellow Joy Café on Ambassador Caffery (not the MJC in downtown Lafayette). It draws a regular crowd from 11 to 1:00, and lately you can catch either “The Mello Joy Boys” or “The Pine Leaf Boys”. Thing is, The Mello Joy Boys are really the Lost Bayou Ramblers plus Wilson Savoy of The Pine Leaf Boys. And when the Pine Leaf Boys play at the Mellow Joy Cafe, they might resemble a little Feufollet. But no matter, the thing is, they are all twenty-somethings, and they all play together a lot, and they all play brilliantly. The Lost Bayou Ramblers are Louie Michot, fiddle and vocals; Andre Michot, accordion and lap-steel; Alan Lafleur, bull fiddle bass; Chris Courville, drums and t-fer; and Jon Bertrand, guitar and back-vocals. Add Wilson Savoy on keyboard and you get The Mellow Joy Boys.

Friends will attest that I am incapable of holding a conversation during my morning coffee. I’m usually on my second cup by the time I hit the car radio, and then there’s the Cajun/French, so I kind of go in and out of consciousness during my commute to work. It’s the music that wakes me up. I first heard the some of the Lost Bayou Ramblers’ CD “Bayou Perdu” which means, Lost Bayou, on KRVS. I did catch the name of the band, Lost Bayou Ramblers, and put them on my “Must See” list. At the time, I heard some reference to the musical Michot family. (Bobby and David Michot are uncles).

My serendipitous moment occurred a few weeks ago on a pit stop at the café on my way to Home Depot. There were the Lost Bayou Ramblers. The barista espresso woman in the blue hair highlights told me they were also known as the Mello Joy Boys. They don’t just play at the Mello Joy Café, but that is where I tend to see them.

My radio wake-up show always plays at least one cut from their Bayou Perdu CD. I’ve just bought my own copy but I already partial to an Octa Clark/Hector Duhon tune, “Hot Shoes” and the “Blue Moon Special” (words by Louis Michot to Austin Pitre’s “Les Flammes d’Enfer”). Many of the tunes are originals. Their first CD is Pilette Breakdown. I guess I have to go buy that one now too.

So enjoy the photos, and if you’re in town on a Sunday, take your chances at the Mello Joy Café. Could be Pine Leaf Boys or Mellow Joy Lost Bayou Rambler Boys, either way you win.


  Got Joy