I haven't forgotten y'all out there. I still haven't got the MAC yet, so my lack of French keyboarding skills is reflected... (so my Hey there is missing one of those downhill accents, oh so I think.)
    As you can imagine, I have immersed myself from head to toe in the cultural experiences down here in Acadiana..."Cajun/Creole/Zydeco" country. That means I'm listening to the Saturday morning Zydeco show on KRVS right now. KRVS sometimes plays old field recordings on Sunday mornings, and I had to sit in Lowe's parking lot for an hour one Sunday morning to listen to Denis McGhee and then Canray live recordings at a dance. It was tough. So, I'm missing Zydeco breakfast and Mark's Saturday jam today, but I am washing my clothes and writing you. Multi-tasking house chores while dancing across the living room.  
The afternoon showers, or tropical monsoons, have returned. That ends the drought and eases our water bills. And also contributes to rapid growing lawns requiring a weekly mow. Which I schedule for weekends before 10:30 a.m. That's when I see the sun cross over the oaks across my street. After that I'm toast. Adjusting to the humidity is a life-long process. But I like the heat more and more. In small doses. Inside. At about 82 degrees on my thermastat. I'm liking T-shirts and cheap clothes from Target. I figure if you're gonna sweat in them and change a few times a day (on weekends), you might as well go cheap. I figured out I'm good for two hours of yard work before I throw in the towel
I have also discovered many joys of home ownership in Louisiana. I added flood insurance before the summer. The house needed a termite contract, so it got treated and put on an annual contract for that. Then there's the bugs. Just the usual roach and ant and whatall bugs. There's a 6 month contract for that but so far I'm not chasing big ole roaches around, which I wasn't so good at out in the country. I still have occasional bouts with a thousand or so sugar ants when I least expect it, usually  on a Friday afternoon when the bug guy on contract can't make it out. Then there was the surprise "sink hole" to fix under the house (in my relationship fungshui bagua of course)that I didn't know was there even though I had it inspected when I bought the place, and the sad end of a majestic oak tree who decided Rita and Katrina were just too much for it live through another season...Poor thing.
    A little cypress house in an older neighborhood, with good neighbors. It was a busy summer. I'm gradually marking my territory with interior paint that coincidentally matches my wardrobe, landscaping the front and the back with bananas, lemon, lime, plum, butterfly bushes, herbs (Great basil this year), and barriers to poison ivy...if there is such a thing. The stray but friendly 8 or so cats who live in my yard and under my house...well...they there. My neighbor fixed them all and feeds them. And they provide entertainment for my cat, Ma Chere Bebe (accent on e, no accent on e. accent on e, accent on e.)..who is now officially indoor, spoiled and pampered.

This afternoon just down the street aways is Louisiana Folk Roots Fiddle Fair workshops with Cedric Watson, Courtney Granger and Mitch Reed. Can't beat that. And coming up soon, the Zydeco Festival in Plaisance, up near Opelousas (zydeco.org). I think Mamou is having a music festival soon too.

The photos are from this summer's Augusta Heritage Center's Cajun and Creole week in Elkins, West Virginia. Start saving money for it now if you like to play the music, dance and jam. It's like a Berlitz immersion so if you basically want to hear only Cajun/Creole/Zydeco music for a week or almost mostly...it's for you. It was held at the same time as guitar week, so you do get a sprinkling of styles such as swing music, Hawaiian slack key, and of course Appalachan. But for the most part, Cajun/Creole world for a week. I'd go back...I think. There was a bit of confusion in not sticking to the regular workshop schedule, which left me feeling shortchanged for Creole fiddle...and you know I wasn't happy about that. But I hope they iron it out, because the rest of the camp was totally great. With special thanks to Gary, Chester and all feeding us after the dances. The campers were all awesome. I met the East and the Midwest and the South people who are into it..You know. Being from the uppermost left hand corner and in my time capsule of tunes, I'd never been to an "East Coast" camp. The people attending the Cajun/Creole camp were really very friendly, yes, they were. Not the, dare I say "East Coast" clicky thing or the "West Coast" clicky thing you can find at musicm,camps...sometimes...somewhere. Only thing is, I had to leave Louisiana so I could go to a Louisiana style summer camp. So with that, I got to go. Go figure. Moe