I think alligator season is on. That's good too, cuz I heard a few weeks ago on the radio that they were out cruising around people's yards looking for water. It's been a dry summer. Hot too. I moved here during a record heat wave. Lots of newscasts warning everyone to go check on their elderly neighbors and make sure they drank their water and stayed inside. Right about my first week here, when I was scared of everything, especially the big bugs...a tropical storm blew out the electricity about 3:00 a.m....and I thought, oh no...no AC, no ice, no AC, no ice...over and over like a mantra until the power came back on in about two hours. I was about to get in the car and drive around the rest of the night. But I was too scared to walk to the car without a flashlight...and I couldn't find it cuz it was dark. Probably wouldn't have been able to find the car keys either. Hence the mantra.

But you do acclimate to it. And like I was telling a N.W. friend today, the humidity is in the 70s right now...and that makes a big difference. So the temp has been low 90s. But when I got here in July, the temp was high 90s and the humidity was up there in the 90s too...which meant heat index of 105. That means ice water and AC all the way, Baby. And if you leave the glass out...you drinkin' hot water in no time. Here's a picture of the film crew from Japan filming Hadley Castille at a barbecue last month at his Blake and Cherille's place. Jim and Christy hauled me out there so the film crew could film a real Cajun party. Catfish skinning, men cooking, that kind of thing. They were blown away that everybody played an instrument. If you're watching TV in Japan, watch for me in the scene in the livingroom with the cowering dogs. They didn't like the thunderstorm. The problem now is that if I write something, now I'm thinking, "Oh, Walter's going to use this on the webpage", and then I think, I have to be witty or newsy. So if I just write you a letter now and then...no obligation to do anything with it. Just press the Big X and it's gone.

So that's the news from Opelousas, Louisiana. 9/11/05