Greetings from Opelousas. The birthplace of Zydeco. In answer to your question...they did have to move back alligator season
a week, so that's disappointing.

The only thing really right now that affects me is we are getting more kids in our school starting Monday, and I'm moving my classroom this weekend to another room so they can have a larger room for a class of Kindergartners. They also opened up another second and third grade. I still have three autistic kids so we are squeezing into a half size

Yesterday we moved the stuff. Today, Saturday morning, I'm going to finish (ha!) putting the room together for Monday. We cancelled my class on Friday. I'm out in the country most of the time out in Opelousas, Carencro or Eunice...and in Lafayette the rest. Traffic is up. The local shelter down the street is empty now. But the CajunDome is still packed. Lots of benefits this weekend and next. Working south of Lafayette. Paying $2.75 on a good day for gas. (Diamond Shamrock) Playing tunes, jamming with friends and the Mitch Reed folks on Saturday afternoons. and working. That's it. 

Thanks for axing.
Moe 9/10/05