Amazing Slowdowner Site
A Review by Walter Barbee
  The idea for this review comes from a waiting-for-a-ferry-boat discussion between Claudia Anastasio and myself. Claudia is musician of highly respected experience that I also admire. Our discussion was about the challenges of learning to play various genres. In that discussion she gave me some friendly advice about how to learn new musical material. She talked about using the Amazing Slowdowner computer software program to do two kinds of review while learning a new tune. First, listen to the tune completely several times. Get an overview how the tune works. Secondly, move on to study smaller parts at slower speeds. I followed up.

Have you ever wanted too learn a tune from a compact disc and found the details of what’s being played hard to grasp? Have you ever wanted to change the key that a tune is played in?

Solutions to these questions can be found by using the Amazing Slowdowner software that can do two things effortlessly:

*          Slow down (or speed up) recorded musical presentations (and)

*          Change the pitch of recorded musical presentations.

The tonal fidelity of this software is quite good. The features of speed change and pitch manipulation are independent. Conversely, tone pitch does not change when the tune presentation speed is altered. Segments of a tune presentation can by looped over a specific area, by setting beginning and end points, in very small or very large segments. This software works in combination with any audio compact disc that is also part of a computer. All tests for compatibility of the software, compact disc player and computer sound card system can be confirmed using the trial version.

Download file size for the Windows XP version tested is just less than 900 kilobytes. So, anyone wishing to try out the program will make the download happen in a modest amount of time even using a modem Internet hookup. A trial version is available. Operational limitations on the trial version are: no more than two files can be accessed and file size is limited to three minutes. When the decision is made to purchase a full version of the software a licensing key can be purchased to unlock the trial version into full capacity of operation for $44..