Valorie Dillon has studied French language as spoken by the French people and the Cajuns of Louisiana. She has a detailed understanding of what is unique to formal French and Cajun French.  Classes that she has taught were small groups of eight to twenty people. All participants had some experience with the Cajun music genre. But not all participants were professional musicians. Cayenne is the professional Cajun band that Valorie is known for. To get additional information about Cayenne click here.

The Mp3 samples of the phrases and print materials on this web site are used with the approval of Valorie Dillon:  Eunice two step, Evangeline Waltz, La Dernier Waltz and Madam Sosthene. Also, a list of common Cajun phrases that many performers use in tunes are included. Handouts for Valorie's classes are organized in three phrase versions; French, Phonetic and English. So, a person always has a clear idea of how to pronounce the words and phrases. 

As a teacher she creates an atmosphere that is focused, supportive yet challenging. Class met once a week for eight weeks. In the final class, each participant had the option to do a recital of some Cajun tune that  they had chosen to work on during the class.  All participants seemed willing the ask questions and willing to request repetition. During class Valorie played virtually flawless Cajun accordion accompaniment at various tempos from slow to performance speed to complement vocals. For the recital class full musical backup was provided for each vocals performer; fiddle, guitar, accordion.